Entourage Ventures is a strategic equity partner for premium Media & Entertainment content.
Entourage Ventures, a French investment company specialising in Media & Entertainment since 2015.
Entourage Ventures was founded in 2015 by Julien Delajoux and Matthias Nicodeme to realize a new vision of investment focused on the Media & Entertainment industry. Under the Entourage banner, it groups together the investments made in each vertical of the sector through dedicated companies.
4 years after starting its investments, Entourage Pictures has already invested more than €50 million in 41 films, with more than 33 million admissions in France and more than 25 million admissions abroad. Entourage Series continues to raise funds on an investment opportunity focused on international series and started its investments in 2021.
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in 40+ movies
Entourage Pictures, a premium portfolio of French feature films.
Entourage Pictures, a film distribution company, set up an innovative co-investment model covering 40+ films. Its line-up has been rewarded with 19 César awards, including 7 for Albert Dupontel's film Adieu les cons in 2021.
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