Building a new asset class.

“Content businesses everywhere tend to define themselves by their content. This is the trap.” — Bharat Anand

The demand for content has never been so central or such a source of opportunity. At the same time, its value has never depended so much on its environment: its ecosystem is constantly changing, its individual quality is no longer a guarantee, disparities in its sharing are accentuated. Positioning oneself on content means first and foremost controlling what surrounds it. Based on this observation and on its expertise, Entourage researches, structures and manages the best investment opportunities in content through innovative and tailor-made schemes.

Sector specialization.
Apprehend content industries and their ecosystem as an innovative, intuitive and uncorrelated asset class that enables a range of quality alternative investments.
Pari passu philosophy.
Establish targeted strategic partnerships with the best players in the sector with a view to aligning interests, significantly accelerating development and optimizing risk diversification.
Tailor-made approach.
Design exclusive and innovative investment opportunities for our investors that are adjustable in their investment strategy and adapted in terms of financial engineering.
Established partners who share our values.

Entourage Ventures' partners are 123 Investment Managers, a French asset management company, Degroof Petercam, a Belgian private and investment bank, Banque Hottinguer, a French private and investment bank and Rothschild & Co, a French private and investment bank. Entourage Pictures and Entourage Series are supported by the specialized firms Intervista, Chammas & Marcheteau and Accuracy on legal, tax, corporate and valuation issues.